From Blah to WOW! My New Iridescent Shoes

I can’t wear sandals unless they are leather lined. My feet just can not tolerate them- synthetic linings tear my feet up and I can not walk in them.

Recently I found a pair of bone colored sandals that were leather and leather lined from the Born company.  These sandals are so beautiful, but I just am not a fan of the  bone color.

Being a color fanatic, I decided to do something extreme- I designed shoe polish with duochrome iridescent pigments in them, and use it to change the appearance of my shoes.

I have done this with my colored cowboy boots and it has lasted up to two years before it had to be refreshed.

So, here are my bone colored sandals:

BEFORE the magic

These are cute- but they are about to get a lot cuter...

So, after photographing this shoe for you, I went to work.

I got a clear shoe polish that comes in a cream jar, and then using some tiny screw top jars I put a little bit of polish in the jar and then added a combination of TKB Trading Sparks micas (which are similar to MAC Reflects Glitter but a tiny bit smaller).

I used a tiny bit of Reflects here and there to add some dimension but most of it was TKB Trading Company’s Sparks. I used aqua, purple, blue, and pink on the flowers with a touch of the noble sparks which are like the moonlight on the snow in the dead of winter in the dark.

For the body of the shoe, I used holographic pigments from Sweetscents.com.  I used a little bit of TKB Trading’s Taurus Orion and Sweetscents Lover’s Moon, which is a holographic multi-dimensional color shifter that goes from lime green to lemon yellow.

Once I got the polish mixed well, I took a little bit of plastic wrap and wrapped it around my finger and used my finger to apply the polish to the shoe in the areas that I wanted to polish.

I let it dry and once it did, I buffed it off with a soft cloth and then reapplied again for greater depth.

And here is the result:

Using pigments and micas to dress up my shoes worked!

From Bone to Peacock Iridescent! Now THESE are some special shoes!

Using duochrome and holographic pigments makes my shoes GLOW!

Color Shifting Shoes, can it GET any more satisfying than that?

Pastel Peacock Shoes are Much Better Than Bone to Me!

Pastel Color Shifting Peacock Shoes- SO much fun to wear now.

So, now I am a happy owner of some really unique shoes and they are much more fun for me to wear- being a color and texture addict I just HAVE to have to add a twist to *normal*.

By the way, this process only works when you do it on leather- synthetics won’t hold the polish at all and will wear off almost immediately when you wear them.

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