Tarte True Blood Cheekstain and LipSurgence

Tarte True Blood Cheek Stain WOW,  Words Can Not Describe

Boy Was I Surprised When I Tried This On!

Before I discovered a change in my situation, I had signed up to buy Tarte True Blood Cheek Stain.  I have loved Tarte Cheek Stains for a long time.  I love to use them not only on myself but on clients- especially those with dry or aging skin.

The effect is a youthful glow which gives a healthy look to the skin and is very natural in appearance.

When I ordered this Cheek Stain, I could not believe my eyes when I opened it up- it was LOADED with gold chunky GLITTER.  Okay, I like shimmer and glitter and iridescence more than many people, but this was ridiculous!  I could not believe that anyone would make a natural cheek stain with this much gaudy glitter in it.

I tried it on my cheeks and my daughter’s first response was, “Wow, Mom, it looks like a busted disco ball, I mean, if you REALLY love glitter I suppose you could wear it…”

This coming from the girl who just about takes a bath in glitter.  I never thought anything would be too much for her!

I put it on my lips as well- it is very pretty on the lips and thankfully the scent and texture were not repulsive so I kept it on all day.  I have to say it is gorgeous on the lips- but it is an awfully expensive humungous lip gloss to have on hand!

Here are some photos I took for you- it is hard to see the detail in these photos- as the glitter was hard to capture, but I finally got a really good closeup for you.

Please remember, this is just to show you what it looks like- I had no makeup on at all other than the cheek stain and I have not been feeling well so I look pretty icky.  But, at least you can see the cheek stain!

Tarte True Blood Cheek Stain and LipSurgence and MAC Hibiscus

Can you SEE the glitter? That was ONE swipe!

I swatched it with one swipe on my hand and was shocked at the heavy load of glitter.  I also swatched Tarte LipSurgence for True Blood alongside of MAC Hibiscus lipstick.

Here are photos of the True Blood Tarte Cheek Stain on my face and lips.

Tarte True Blood Cheek Stain on face and lips NO OTHER MAKEUP

No Other Makeup but Tarte True Blood Cheek Stain on Cheeks and Lips.

A Little Closer- Only Makeup On is Tarte Cheek Stain True Blood on Lips and Cheeks

Can You See the Sparkles Yet? (No other makeup on face)

Now I noticed that the Cheek Stain went on blotchy- it was raining just before I took the face photos so part of the Cheek Stain washed off my face- it still was a bit blotchy- but I tried to apply it so you could see it well.

All in all, my impressions of Tarte True Blood Cheek Stain is unless I want to save it to use on New Year’s Eve or for a day when I am dressing up totally in gold, I have no use for this.  It would work at night layered with other products on top – perhaps a cream or powder with gold shimmer in it and layered for more subtlety, but for the price, as my husband put it, this Cheek Stain looks like I have a sunburn and am trying to cover it up with glitter.

I am not sure it is going to be good on the lips either- although it didn’t seem to bother me.  I prefer the Tarte LipSurgence for True Blood.  THAT is a nice product.  More on that soon.

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