MAC Semi Precious Mineralized Skinfinish Swatches

Well, my last hurrah for a while, I am a huge fan of MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinishes also known online as MSFs.  I find that they work especially well in lieu of foundations and find great results with them on older clients if I do makeup on them.  It is a liberation from foundation and really does a great job de-aging in appearance.

Here are my swatches of the following items from the MAC Semi-Precious Collection:

  • Goldstone MSF
  • Crystal Pink MSF
  • Pearl MSF
  • Rose Quarts MSF
  • Musky Amethyst
  • Feeling Flushed Mineralize Blush

I will take photos of the pans of product when I can, but for now at least I could post swatches for you all.

MAC Semi-Precious MSF swatches and blush and lipstick too.

MAC Semi-Precious MSF Swatches w Musky Amethyst and Feeling Flush comparisons

Fresh from my garden- excuse the no makeup appearance and puffy eyes. Musky Amethyst vs Riveting Rose on my lips

As for commentary, here is what I think as a person most sensitive to colors.

MAC Goldstone:  Dark outer area is a shimmery version of MAC Pink Power from the Wonder Woman Collection- the center stripe.  The inner splotch is very similar to Refined MSF- a highly sought after limited edition MSF from previous collections.

MAC Crystal Pink:  Very icy rose pink which will be a beautiful highlighter for those who love pinks.  The center is similar but slightly more pink that Wonder Woman Pink Power center stripe.

MAC Pearl MSF:  Beautiful glowy golden beige outer color and the inner color is my favorite of all of them- like a dark stereo rose with a twist of berry added.  This will make a great eye color too.

MAC Rose Quartz MSF: Outer area is a nice warm pink which interestingly has a slightly more berry appearance than Petticoat, one of the only pink MSFs ever to be released by MAC.  The inner area is a fascinating beige color which has tremendous depth to it due to the pastel greens mixed in.  Unfortunately the center splotch is extremely glittery so it is not good on the face- I do find it to work on the eyes for accents and such.  It is the only part that I find to be this annoying glittery.  It is too bad because the color depth is unique.

Musky Amethyst goes on like death warmed over- like the dead gothy type colors but more sheer.  I am not sure about this one.  It is gorgeous in the tube, but lacks some depth on the lips.  Having said that, on dark skinned people, this will ROCK- so if you are darker, give it a try.

Feeling Flushed Mineralize Blush. I like this, but after comparing it again with my favorite Overdyed Blush from the Denimish collection a few months ago, I am not THAT wowed with it.  It is a lilac toned berry color that still has a touch of magenta, but no shimmer or glittery feeling like other Mineralize blushes have had in the past.

Final comments- this collection of MSFs has fantastic variety and possibilities for eyeshadows, contour, blush enhancement and highlighting. I plan to do some videos on my unique use of MAC MSFs in the future- it is one of the best things to ever hit the market in my opinion.  I find that I can use them on my entire face and be ready to face a day looking much better than with foundations.


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