My 4th of July Patriotic Makeup Fun

I had a choice.  I could either go to the fireworks for the 4th of July and be a wet blanket because I have managed to stay away from the crowds and boring fireworks year after year, or I could honor our son’s canceling his important day so we could all be together as a family and enjoy the fireworks at the lake for the Ring of Fire the first time EVER as a family.

I decided that it would take effort to do so, but I chose to go all out and be a crazy patriotic nut vs dark boring cloud of doom and depression.  So, folks, here is my crazy 4th of July look.  I have to see if any of the photos of my outfit turned out, but suffice it to say I was dressed completely in flags- including the outfit I designed a la Wonder Woman.


I had SO much fun doing this look- and quickly for the first time ever!

This was such fun- and it paid off- I had a RIOT!

I even found my coat I forgot that I had- a leather coat all red white and blue with stars and stripes- got an amazing deal on it too- like $29 or so.  Gorgeous coat.

And then I made a special effort to hoot and holler at each firework- remember I am a total averted anti holiday person on the 4th- and it paid off.  I have never had so much fun on the 4th in my whole life.

The lake was surrounded with fireworks for a few hours- it was unlike anything I have EVER seen.  All because I decided to go against my feelings and force myself to enjoy something I was set against liking.

And the crowd was fine and we even got the last available seats in a perfect location too.

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